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Barncafe is the first contemporary, yet fully home-grown, specialty coffee brand in Saudi Arabia. In 1992, Jeddah-based Al Amjaad Establishment, Barncafe’s mother company, began operating a pioneering coffee shop in Tahlia Street, in the heart of the city’s well-known district, introducing a novel store concept. Today, Barncafe remains synonymous to distinctive image of excellence and product quality in the minds of its consumers.


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Our store in Jeddah, Makkah, Taif, & Madinah

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P.O. Box 8707
Jeddah 21492

Phone 9 2000 6843
Fax +966 (12) 663 5632
Email  shop@barncafe.com.sa

Office Hours 8am – 4pm, everyday
Except Thursdays, from 10am – 1pm
Fridays, Off